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French Connection Internship so far …

As you may know, I am currently on my year in industry of my Fashion Design Degree. At the moment I am working as a Menswear Design Assistant at the Head Office in Camden. I have been here since the start of September and I am loving my time at FC as well as London … Continue reading

Topshop Accessories Buying Internship

I haven’t posted in a while but as I am interning at the moment I thought I would create a quick post on what I have been up to. My last post was way back in June when I was in the middle of my Topshop Buying placement. I spent the majority of my time … Continue reading

Topshop Internship – Assistant to Accessories Buying Team

I am over half way through my two-week Topshop placement and thought I would blog to share with you my experience so far. I am working as part of the buying team for accessories within the womenswear department including a range of items such as: sunglasses, headwear, scarves, gloves, bags and belts. Although initially scheduled … Continue reading

5 days to go!

Although I haven’t posted a blog in a while I have been keeping busy in the fashion world, heading to interviews for my year in industry. I start my two-week placement in Topshop next Monday and cannot wait!! I will be working in the formal wear buying department for the duration and will hopefully keep … Continue reading


Presentation Day – Damart Competition


I came second in the Damart Competition !!!

Yesterday the final stage of the Damart competition took place. After reaching the top 11 finalists I had to present my garment alongside an explanation of what I thought the brand currently offer and how my design could drive Damart into the future. After a long and anxious wait, I delivered my speech to the … Continue reading

Illustrations - FF

Fashion Futures – Slow Fashion Project

I have just handed in my latest project for my Design Development and Portfolio module.  The brief set was to develop a range of garments that conform to a slow-fashion ethos. After conducting in-depth rigorous research into ethics and sustainability within current affairs, sustainable fashion, market opportunity, fabrics and yarns and production techniques, I was … Continue reading

Design Theory2

Design Theory 2 – Tessellation

I have just completed my Design Theory assignment based on ‘tessellation.’ This term is used to refer to a collection of polygonal shapes, which cover the plane, edge to edge, without gap or overlap. The assignment aim was to produce twelve period tiling designs. The image below shows the final outcome along with an inspiration … Continue reading

earth day

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. The day was designed in order to ‘activate individuals and organisations to strengthen the collective fight against the exploitive relationship with the planet.’ The milestone takes place every year on the 22nd April and allows every country to reflect on their actions, to try and make a change. Currently studying Eco-Design … Continue reading